• Nigeria is home to 7 % of the total languages spoken on the face the earth, in Taraba state alone there are more languages spoken than 30 countries in the continent of Africa
  • The Walls of Benin (800-1400AD), in present day Edo State, are the longest ancient earthworks in the world at over 16000km long, and probably the largest man-made structure on earth. They enclose 6500 square kilometers of community lands that connected about 500 communities.

  • Nigeria is the most populous black nation on earth
  • Nollywood is the second largest producer of movies in the world second to Bollywood and ahead of Hollywood

  • There are 196 countries in the world and at least one Igbo person from Nigeria lives in every one of them.
  • Nigeria boasts of one of the most multi-ethnic countries in the world with more than 250 ethnic groups and tribes

  • Nigeria has more English Speakers than England, and more Muslims than Saudi Arabia, Syria and Afghanistan combined!
  • Africa’s oldest known boat is The Dufuna canoe which was discovered in Dufuna village, Yobe state, by a Fulani Herdsman in May 1987, while he dug a well. After various radio-carbon tests conducted in laboratories of reputable universities in Europe and America indicate that the canoe is over 8,000 years old, making it the oldest in Africa and 3rd oldest in the world.

  • Nigeria is the fastest growing market for private jets after China
  • Nigeria is home to the single largest monument in Africa, Sungbo’s Eredo, It is located in present-day Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State which is also the largest city, during the medieval world it was bigger than Rome and Cair . It took over a million man hours to build than the great pyramid of Giza.


  • Today, only Nigeria has a larger black population than Brazil. More than 3.5 million Africans were captured, enslaved and transported to Brazil.
  • The first Black African to win gold at the Commonwealth games and at an international sports event was Emmanuel Ifeajuna, a Nigerian high-jumper. He broke all records of the time by clearing a height of 6ft and 8in. Sadly he was accused of treason and killed during the Nigerian Civil War

  • Juju, Dashiki, Yam and Okra are words in the English Dictionary that originated from ethnic groups located in present day Nigeria.
  • The Anambra waxbill, a small bird of many beautiful colours, is found only in Southern Nigeria and nowhere else on earth

  • The most common phrase in Nigeria is “How Far”
  • The Niger Delta (which is the second largest delta on the planet), has the highest concentration of monotypic fish families in the world which is also home to sixty percent of Nigeria’s mangrove forests. Nigeria’s mangrove forests are the largest in Africa and third largest on earth.

  • Nigeria is one of the most ecologically vibrant places of the planet with more than 4,715 different types of plant species, and over 550 species of breeding birds and mammals
  • Nigeria has the highest number of musicians in the world.

  • Nigerians are the highest users of slangs in Africa, 2nd only to USA in the world.
  • Igbo-Ora, a little town in Oyo state, has been nicknamed Twin capital of the World because of its unusually high rate of twins that is put as high as 158 twins per 1000 births. It is rumored that a high consumption of Yam is a contributing fact

  • The Pidgin word ‘Sabi’ came from ‘Saber’, Portuguese and Spanish for ‘To Know’. Both countries’ ships traded slaves from the Bight of Benin.
  • Katsina College (now Barewa College in Zaria) has produced 5 Nigerian Presidents/Heads of State since it was founded in 1921 in Katsina.
  • Yoruba is spoken as a ritual language by the Santeria cult in Carribean and South-Central America.


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